Another chapter in the Pilot Flying J legal battle has come to a close with the approval of an $85 Million settlement to be split among the 5,500 companies who took part in the class-action suit against the largest truck stop chain in the United States. The lawsuit is over charges that Pilot Flying J deliberately withheld portions of fuel rebates that they owed to trucking companies as part of a fuel rebate scheme.

Of the $84.9 million that they will be paying out, $56.5m is money that was owed for fuel rebates, $9.75m is interest on those rebates, $4.5m is the audit cost, and $14m is the cost to cover attorney fees.  The remaining $150,000 will go to pay for attorney’s expenses, incentive awards, fees for notice services, and fees for administration services.

This is the end of the class action suit against Pilot, but it is by no means the end of their legal woes. There are still trucking companies who chose not to be part of the class action suit, many of whom are seeking additional damages and are targeting individuals in Pilot’s management team, including owner Jimmy Haslam.

The federal government seems to still be investigating Pilot Flying J, and many members of the sales team have already been charged with crimes including felony charges such as conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Multiple members of the PFJ sales team have plead guilty to the charges against them and agreed to assist the FBI in their investigation in exchange for leniency.

Source: truckersreport, overdriveoverdrive, fleetowner