The California Air Resources Board is best known in the trucking industry for setting emissions standards for commercial motor vehicles operating in the state of California. The next deadline for CARB-compliant upgrades is in 2014, and to help truckers meet their requirements, CARB is giving away $80 million to small fleets and owner operators so that they can upgrade their vehicles.

CARB has acknowledged that the next round of standards call for upgrades that small fleets or owner operators may find it difficult to afford. Todd Sax, assistant chief of CARB’s Mobile Source Control Division says that “while we’re looking at ways to expand incentive funding… it’s hard to comply with this rule, we realize.”

In order to be eligible to receive a chunk of change from CARB, you must be either an owner operator or own a fleet of between 1 and 3 trucks.

According to the program guidelines, you must:

-          Meet the definition of a “Small Business” as defined by the state of California.

-          Move goods as part of a sales transaction.

-          Commit to at least 50 percent of travel within the four California trade corridors.

-          Be equipped with a 2006 or older model year, diesel powered engine.

The deadline to apply is December 12th, so if you need help getting CARB compliant, apply now

Source truckersreport, overdrive, valleyair